Sonic Brush
for Deep Face Cleansing


Iconic™ Sonique Trio

The Ultimate Face Brush

Featuring a unique tri-brush head rotating both clockwise and anti-clockwise, cleaning the skin in-depth, exfoliating it and promoting a fresh and bright skin. It has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect by encouraging cells production. Sonique Trio has super soft anti-allergic nano-brushes, specially designed for sensitive skin and has an IP65 waterproof design.

Unique Design

USB recharged and waterproof electric face brush

This innovative beauty device has an ergonomic and practical design. It is USB rechargeable, and its electronic face brush is waterproof. Sonique Trio features a smart time-reminder function at 30 seconds intervals, and 2 minutes automatic standby mode making facial cleaning more efficient. It has a silicone arc-shaped base holder that secures the device while it dries naturally.

Tri-brush head and dynamic rotation

The Advanced Ever Face Brush

Tri-brush Face Cleansing

The tri-brush head promotes a zero-irritation deep cleansing of the face skin and pores. Made of extra soft, anti-allergy nano-brushes that clean the skin deeply even in the hard-to-reach areas, efficiently reducing the blackheads. It has a skin tightening effect and promotes lymphatic and blood circulation.

Ultrasonic Brush

Enhanced performance with sonic waves

With ultrasonic waves, Sonique Trio invigorates the surface of the skin making it feel softer, smoother and more elastic. The unique sonic brush also offers an efficient skin massage with anti-aging effects, encouraging new skin cells production, and creating a firmer and healthier glowing skin.

Coming Soon

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