Compact Facial Toner
Anti-aging Massage Pen


Iconic™ Pen Magique

The Magical Massage Pen

Five minutes every day with this fantastic device and no more fine lines under the eyes, no more eye bags and no more dark circles around the eyes. The Iconic™ Pen Magique offers you a non-invasive and non-surgical facelift as well as a pleasant and relaxing facial massage. Try the power of light therapy at home, feel your skin tightening with each passing day and feel fantastic all the time.

Compact Design

Yet, full of features

The Iconic™ Pen Magique has a compact design, is USB rechargeable and fits perfectly in your bag. It comes with a base holder that makes it very easy to use. It is sensitive skin-friendly, and ideal for dry and oily skins as well. The Pen Magique stimulates your skin efficiently, promotes collagen regeneration, restores the elastic fiber, opens your pores and offers your sensitive eye skin the best possible treatment!

Massage Head

Perfect for eyes and for face

The multifunctional massage head is primarily designed for eye massage and represents a complete face massage tool. It is far more efficient than hand massage because it breaks the nutrient molecules, allowing them to penetrate the skin and promote cells restoration.

Galvanic Microcurrent Ions

Advanced electromagnetic and ion lead technology

Pen Magique uses an advanced electromagnetic and ion lead technology to help drive the hyaluronic acid into the skin under 5 millimeters, and activate fibroblasts, to rapidly moisturize the eye circle and improve the whitening light sensitivity.

Vibration Massage

Up to 13000 cycles/min

Using the pen in massage mode at a high vibration frequency of 7,000 cycles per minute reactivates the skin cells, relieves muscle tensions and helps the skin expel toxins and eliminate edema.

LED Light Therapy

Light therapy at home

Blue light waves and red light waves penetrate deeply into the skin, increasing skin elasticity, and reducing the dark skin color around the eyes circle.

Heat Massage

Up to 45°C

In the magnetic heat lifting mode, with a higher vibration frequency of 13,000 cycles per minute and magnetic heat therapy of 45°C temperature, Pen Magique offers the most efficient eye lift treatment and restores aged skin.