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for Face Reshaping & Lifting

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Iconic™ Suprême

Multifunction Super Device

Whether you are looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift or you want to achieve that perfect V-shaped face, Iconic™ Suprême is the beauty device that shouldn’t miss from your bag. With a dual mode, a 60 seconds reminder smart function and a curved 360° massage frame design, Iconic™ Suprême fits your face contour perfectly, helping extract toxins from the body and improving your physical function.

Innovative Design

Slim and versatile device

Iconic™ Suprême has a Smart Touch 360° massage frame, a Smart Touch ring and it is USB rechargeable. It features two massaging modes with a vibration frequency that can reach 12000 cycles/min. You can carry it with you anywhere and use it whenever you have some spare time – the results will be incredible. No more edema puffiness, no more muscle tension, and a perfectly fresh and bright face.

360 Massage Head

The most versatile device

Iconic™ Suprême has a smart designed 360-degree massage head, destined to fit the contour of your face perfectly whether you want a scrubbing or a lifting treatment. It is dual mode, and it has a memory function helping you reshape your face and get rid of the fine lines.

Vibration Massage

Up to 12000 cycles/min

The high-frequency sonic vibration that can reach up to 12,000 cycles per minute stimulates the meridians and blood stasis, firms the muscles, and perfectly presses the facial acupuncture points to relieve muscle tension and promote overall well-being.

Heat Massage

Up to 45°C

In the heat massage mode, Iconic™ Suprême reaches 45° C, activating the skin cells, promoting blood circulation and moisturizing the skin. It leads the nutrients deeply into the skin, improving absorption and slowing down the aging process.


Improved blood circulation and tighter skin

Due to its innovative technology based on acupuncture points, Iconic™ Suprême has amazing anti-aging results. It shapes the contour of your face, lifting it and eliminating fine-lines and early-stage wrinkles.


Face toning and reshaping

That V-shaped face you have been dreaming of is only one step away. With Iconic™ Suprême you will see the results from the first use. Its vibration frequency will reshape your face, offering you an excellent non-surgical and non-invasive alternative, while its smart heat mode will lead nutrients into your skin, slowing down the aging process and promoting blood circulation.

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