Our Products

All of our devices are designed to be very easy to use so that you can get the best results in a short amount of time. Each device also comes with a user manual which you can download from our website.

Yes. Regardless if you have sensitive or oily skin, each device is designed to adapt to your needs and offer you high-quality skincare. It is true that some of our devices are recommended for mature skin, while others work best when used on skin that shows the first signs of aging. But this information is always specified in the device’s description.

All of our devices are designed to offer results in the shortest amount of time. Depending on your skin problem, this could mean a couple of days up to two or three weeks.

Yes, we do. Each device that we sell come with a guarantee certificate.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a physical location yet so you cannot try the devices before you decide to buy them. However, we have an excellent return policy and, in case you are not satisfied with a product, you can easily send it back to us and you will get a 100% refund.

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