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Compact Facial Toner Anti-aging Massage Pen

Facial Toner

Iconic Pen Magique

Five minutes every day with this fantastic device and no more fine lines under the eyes, no more eye bags and no more dark circles around the eyes. The Iconic™ Pen Magique offers you a non-invasive and non-surgical facelift as well as a pleasant and relaxing facial massage. Try the power of light therapy at home, feel your skin tightening with each passing day and feel fantastic all the time.

Iconic Suprême Face Reshaping & Lifting

Face Reshaping & Lifting

Iconic Suprême

Whether you are looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift or you want to achieve that perfect V-shaped face, Iconic™ Suprême is the beauty device that shouldn’t miss from your bag. With a dual mode, a 60 seconds reminder smart function and a curved 360° massage frame design, Iconic™ Suprême fits your face contour perfectly, helping extract toxins from the body and improving your physical function.

Micellar Water Make-up Remover and Moisturizer

Make-up Remover

Acqua Micellare 5 in 1

The Micellar Water is a new and lighter formulation for skin cleansing. Conceived for sensitive skin, it is an ideal make-up remover and skin cleanser that removes efficiently the make-up remains in only one move and tones all the types of skin up. The micelles provide this soft effect: an aggregate of surfactant molecules dispersed in a liquid that can absorb impurities easily and softly.

Dehydrated Skin

Vanity Hydraskin

Dehydrated skin is an ordinary problem, common to many people and it is due to external and internal factors. It may be the prelude to a premature skin aging. The correct state of surface hydration is essential for the maintenance of the structure and the physiological functions of the skin, as well as an effective protection from free radicals.

Oily Skin

Vanity Purifyingskin

Oily skin is the result of an exaggerated and uncontrolled production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, which leads to an alteration of PH. The hydrolipidic film becomes thicker and waxy, so as to prevent transpiration and encourage the activity of the microorganisms that cause inflammation. Often it has enlarged pores and scars left by acne and it is subject to redness.

Sensitive Skin

Vanity Sensitiveskin

Sensitive skin is usually a fragile skin that reacts negatively to irritating agents, physical or chemical, and therefore more predisposed to allergies, redness, irritation, and itching. This type of skin is statistically more subject to premature formation of wrinkles and other blemishes, typical of photoaging.


Timeless Beauty

An exclusive ritual of beauty, A line of cosmetics of the highest quality suitable for all desires. It regenerates, re-equilibrates, rehydrates and gives back to the tissues a delicate and infinite pleasant feeling of well-being and vitality.

Face Foundation Cream - Selènia Perfect Skin

Face Foundation

Selènia Perfect Skin

A combination of skincare treatment and make-up, a real treat with the features of an anti-aging face cream and a light foundation. Silk texture that allows a consistent spread, a real jewel as far as modern cosmetics technologies are concerned, pigments are provided when spreading, with an astonishing immediate effect.

Body Foundation Cream - Selènia Perfect Skin (Body)

Body Foundation

Selènia Perfect Skin (Body)

A real hydrating, anti-aging treatment that evens out the skin complexion and makes it brighter and amber-colored. A real technological breakthrough among the modern beauty treatments. Pigments are released when applying on the skin providing it a fantastic silk effect.

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