Mature or precociously aged skin suffers from a metabolic slowdown, which is due to multiple factors. A strong, determined action is needed for a regenerative stimulus and protection from external and internal aggression. This special serum with protective, nourishing texture is rich in substances that have different healthy properties for the skin. If this serum is deeply conveyed, it has also an important effect on vitamins, on skin protection, on skin vitality and on the fight against the radicals. This helps the skin be tighter, more hydrated and stretched.

The serum can be applied on the skin and let the skin absorb it with light touch maneuvers, however, it is conceived to be conveyed by electroporation, dermoporation or ultrasonic sonoporation. Its preservative and emulsifier free formula guarantee the maximum security and effectiveness when it comes to being combined with technologies.

TEPRENONE – anti-aging, protective, deeply hydrating, anti-mark
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE – high antioxidant
CERAMIDES POOL – hydrating, restoring, anti-aging
NMF – it regenerates the hydro-lipid barrier
EUGLENA GRACILIS – Energizing, tightening
HYDROLYZED ESTALIN, HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN, AMINO ACIDS – regenerating, skin structures restoring
HYALURONIC ACID – for a complete hydration
OLIVE OIL – It feeds and repairs the stratum corneum
ARGININE – repairing, hydrating, anti-aging