It is a draining metabolic activator that promotes superficial circulation and elimination of excess fluids thanks to a complex of active ingredients accurately selected which works in synergy to tackle water retention in a targeted way. The Centella Asiatica improves the circulatory function, while the horse chestnut increases the capillary resistance and reduces the accumulation of fluids among the tissues. Natural extracts of Birch, Melilot and Vitamin C carry out astringent, draining, capillary-protective and antioxidant activities.

Apply and massage on the concerned areas with specific manoeuvers. It can also be conveyed by electroporation,
dermoporation or ultrasonic sonoporation. Its added preservatives free formula it guarantees the maximum safety and efficacy.

CENTELLA ASIATICA – by stimulating fibroblasts it improves circulation
HORSE CHESTNUT – increases tone, vase resistance, and elasticity: it promotes the draining of liquids
BIRCH: draining properties, anti-cellulite, it is considered a natural anti-inflammatory
MELILOT: it works against cellulite, water retention, and circulatory problems
SAMBUCUS NIGRA FLOWER EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, regenerative and nourishing properties
HYALURONIC ACID – superficial and deep hydration
VITAMIN C – antioxidant, protective
TOCOTRIENOLS – powerful antioxidant
TOCOPHEROL – antioxidant
ARGININE – repairing, anti-aging, hydrating