It is a firming and regenerating metabolic activator, with an innovative formula that increases skin firmness, elasticity, and tonicity. The active complex containing Carnitine and Safflower firms up and tones the skin, restoring the skin tone. Centella eliminates the excess of liquids. Substances with the capillary-protective action such as horse chestnut and Vitamin C prevent the imperfections caused by inadequate circulation. It is also composed of elements that activate the metabolism of lipids such as caffeine fight the formation of cellulite. The hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight hydrates the skin deeply.

Apply and massage on the concerned areas with specific manoeuvers. It can also be conveyed by electroporation, dermoporation or ultrasonic sonoporation. Its added preservatives free formula it guarantees the maximum safety and efficacy.

CAFFEINE – it tackles cellulite, boost metabolism and promote lipolysis
CENTELLA ASIATICA – by stimulating fibroblasts it improves circulation
HORSE CHESTNUT – increases tone, vase resistance, and elasticity: it promotes the draining of liquids
SAFFLOWER – renovating, nourishing and emollient properties
CARNITINE – it increases skin firmness, elasticity, and tone
EUGLENA GRACILIS – activation of cellular metabolism, revitalizing
LIMNANTHES ALBA – antioxidant, elasticizing, it prevents stretch marks
HYALURONIC ACID – superficial and deep hydration
VITAMIN C – antioxidant, protective
TOCOTRIENOLS – powerful antioxidant
ARGININE – repairing, anti-aging, hydrating
TOCOPHEROL – antioxidant
OLIVE OIL – it nourishes and repair the stratum corneum
SHEA BUTTER – emollient, nourishing and hydrating