Metabolic activator composed of active ingredients that work synergically to tackles localized adiposity and cellulite. Its formula contains Centella and Horse Chestnut that thanks to their draining and anti-inflammatory properties promotes the elimination of fluids and tackle the inflammatory status caused by the excess of adipose tissue. The presence of peptides and proteins increases the synthesis and the life of Collagen, protecting it from degradation. Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant action and capillary-protective action. It also contains phosphatidylcholine, a substance able to solubilize lipids promoting the reduction of the volume of adipocytes, and Caffeine to activate fat metabolism.

Apply and massage on the concerned areas with specific manoeuvers. It can also be conveyed by electroporation, dermoporation or ultrasonic sonoporation. Its added preservatives free formula it guarantees the maximum safety and efficacy.

CAFFEINE: it fights cellulite, increases metabolism and promotes lipolysis
CENTELLA ASIATICA – by stimulating fibroblasts it improves circulation
HORSE CHESTNUT – increases tone, vase resistance, and elasticity: it promotes the draining of liquids
PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE – important in the localized fat and cellulite treatment
EUGLENA GRACILIS – activation of cellular metabolism, revitalizing
TRI-COMPLEX – combination of peptides and proteins for the protection and stimulation of Collagen
HYALURONIC ACID – superficial and deep hydration
VITAMIN C – antioxidant, protective
TOCOTRIENOLS – powerful antioxidant
TOCOPHEROL – antioxidant