At the heart of the treatment, a supreme cosmetic formula created by the union of vegetable treasures with anti-aging action that meets the needs of any skin type. Completely detoxified and deeply regenerated, the skin recovers its original splendor and natural beauty.


Detoxifying, protective and antioxidant serum with plant origin stemcells from horehound, Chondrus crispus red seaweed, ginseng, vitamin E and provitamin B5. This multitasking serum protects and maximizes the abilities of the skin resist environmental and oxidative stress, giving to the skin a long-lasting protective shield.


A concentrate with an extraordinary moisturizing, filling, antioxidant power. It contains Gardenia meristematic cells, four isoforms of Hyaluronic Acids, Euglena Gracilis which is a powerful micro-algae with dermo-regenerating stimulating power and resveratrol, with an exclusive antioxidant and antitoxins effect. It hydrates, firms, gives tone and energy to the skin, activating its reparation processes.


A powerful skin toning and remedial action thanks to a pool of peptides, plant-origin stem cells of Edelweiss, Ceramides, Vitamin E and Hypericum Oil. The lifting action is due to the extraordinary feature of SYN-AKE® a molecule formed by a tripeptide similar to the compound found in viper venom and special Argireline peptides. It delivers an immediate lifting action by reducing the strength and continuity of expression wrinkles, treating the skin microlesions, stretching and smoothing the skin.